Gallarus Ventures, LLC is a business development and advisory company managed by Dan McCarthy and Tami McCarthy.

Current activities:

TAMBRA: sea + botanicals (www.tambraskincare.com) is a line of natural skincare products that connect consumers with the primitive energies of the earth and the ocean, hydrating, restoring and rejuvenating skin the way that nature intended. Our products are made in small batches with natural and organic ingredients. They are vegan and cruelty-free. They include an innovative complete blend of anti-oxidant, skin-restoring and skin-replenishing formulations that deliver their benefits in an efficient bio-available format.

Salty Bath (www.saltybath.com) is the leading bath subscription box, providing a monthly spa-at-home experience that restores the body and mind. Each month, subscribers experience a new theme, complete with custom-formulated bath soak, essential oil formulation and assorted high-vibe goodies to elevate their bath.  Salty Bath is at the forefront of the mindful bathing movement.

Gallarus Advisors provides strategic consulting services to companies undergoing transformations and poised to accelerate their growth.  Recent engagements include a digital advertising technology company; a mid-sized advertising agency; a fast-growing digital media property; a family-owned traditional publishing company; a leading business-to-business information company; a subscription commerce company.

Our Principals

Daniel McCarthy (https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielrmccarthy/) has helped myriad companies navigate the transformation from legacy to forward-facing business models, with a particular focus on integrating digital marketing and media practices to drive company growth.

Tami McCarthy (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamimccarthy/) is the Founder/Chief Executive of The McCarthy Group (http://www.themccarthygroup.com), an award-winning, full-service boutique PR agency located in New York City. Seasoned, hands-on lifestyle brand and media consultant with broad and extensive experience in all aspects of brand storytelling: social media marketing, branding, events and public relations. Direct experience in financial services, tech, luxury, fashion, entertainment and media brands.



Our Advisory Services

Our expertise lies in our ability to make your business and brand strategy fresh, simple and easy to implement.

We achieve this by focusing on four collaborative cornerstone pieces of analysis:

  • A detailed examination of how your business makes money;
  • A rigorous analysis of what you say and how you say it;
  • A deep-dive into how your business analytics and data align with and reinforce the fulcrum points of your business strategy;
  • A candid assessment of how you sit in the market, in terms of product, design, message, performance, capabilities and talent.

With the information in hand, we are able to direct an energetic and practical dialogue with your leadership that coalesces the objectives, directions and approach that fits best with your business, your people and your opportunity.We allow that clarity of purpose to dictate the work to follow.


Below are examples of work that we have done for our advisory clients. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us at info@gallarusventures.com.

Strategy framing with a middle-market family-owned business to develop strategic options to allow them to realize the value of their current assets while investing in a new growth opportunity with a partner.
Brand messaging assignment with a middle-market information company embarking on a business transformation.

Messaging framework created consistent imagery, language and value identification across all stakeholder groups.

Product Development with a middle-market media company in order to develop a new strategic growth platform leveraging current content assets and market relationships.

Strategic Planning with a legacy media brand to redefine its value proposition and create new growth paths with its customer base.

Developed value creation plan for an independent middle-market marketing services company designed to create a practical growth strategy to expand the firm’s business and provide the opportunity for the controlling partners to transition ownership to successive generations.

Growth advisory for a digital platform providing payment solutions for individuals with shared burden for costs.

Growth advisory for an innovative business information platform designed to create practicable information and high-impact knowledge for marketing partners.

Due diligence support for majority investment in a middle-market content company undergoing radical business model transition.

The Gallarus Name

The Gallarus Oratory was built more than 800 years ago on the very western tip of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland.  Constructed entirely out of locally sourced stone, the church is corbel vaulted. This entailed gradually overlapping the stones, so that each course projected slightly inwards until the arch was closed at the apex of the roof. An ancient technique, this means of roof construction was employed at the great Neolithic tomb at Newgrange.

This methodical, simple structure has withstood the battering of centuries of wind and rain, yet is still snug and dry.  Its construction, in its simplicity and beauty, reflects our belief that lasting success is achieved as the result of building things stone by stone.