Below are examples of work that we have done for our clients. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us at 212-671-1930.


  • Strategy framing with a middle-market family-owned business to develop strategic options to allow them to realize the value of their current assets while investing in a new growth opportunity with a partner.


  • Brand messaging assignment with a middle-market information company embarking on a business transformation. Messaging framework created consistent imagery, language and value identification across all stakeholder groups.

  • Product Development¬†with a middle-market media company in order to develop a new strategic growth platform leveraging current content assets and market relationships.

  • Strategic Planning¬†with a legacy media brand to redefine its value proposition and create new growth paths with its customer base.

  • Developed value creation plan for an independent middle-market marketing services company designed to create a practical growth strategy to expand the firm’s business and provide the opportunity for the controlling partners to transition ownership to successive generations.


  • Growth advisory for a digital platform providing payment solutions for individuals with shared burden for costs.


  • Growth advisory for an innovative business information platform designed to create practicable information and high-impact knowledge for marketing partners.


  • Due diligence support for majority investment in a middle-market content company undergoing radical business model transition.

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